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Myth Opens in the UK Aug 31st !!
ICA London / Showroom Sheffield

Myth Opens in Scotland Aug 24th !!
Glasgow Film Theatre (Scotland)

Sight & Sound Interview
Pick up the Sept 2012 issue of Sight & Sound magazine for an interview with David Robert Mitchell.

Myth Director on Twitter...
Follow Myth Director David Robert Mitchell on Twitter. Read about his upcoming projects "Ella Walks the Beach" and an exciting, untitled horror film...

Myth is on Netflix Streaming!
Follow the link...
Myth on Netflix

"Myth" Soundtrack
It's not a complete list, but if you search for 'Myth of the American Sleepover' in iTunes store/ping, you should be able to find a pretty full track listing of music from the film. We'll try to add more songs when possible.

Rave Review from Salon!!
Andrew O'Hehir says: "American Sleepover" is the American debut film of the year, and an experience you must work into your summer calendar.

Great Review from the NY Times!!!
A.O. Scott reviews "Myth"... it's a NY Times Critic's Pick!!

'Myth' Depicts Teen Angst as Poetry
Christy Lemire of "At the Movies" gave "Myth" her first 4 star review of the year!

Here's a fun interview with MYTH Director David Robert Mitchell.

New Myth Trailer!
Check out the new, full Myth trailer only on the Apple trailer page.

"Myth" in the New York Times
Check out this NY Times article about the film:

Coming to Theaters Soon!
"The Myth of the American Sleepover" will be in theaters starting in July 2011: New York July 22, Los Angeles July 29th, and Detroit August 5th. Nationwide VOD starts on July 27th.

"Myth" in Filmmaker Magazine
The Myth team was interviewed for Filmmaker Magazine. Check it out:

"Myth" in USA Today
Here's some coverage from Cannes 2010:

KCET Cinema Series Review
"Myth" played the KCET Summer Film Series at the Aero Theater. Here's a great review from the screening:

A Cool Review from Amsterdam...
"It's clear we are floating in a dimension where, for one night, anything can happen." - Off Beat Cinema

Myth Producer Nominated for Spirit Award
"Myth" Producer Adele Romanski was nominated for the Piaget Producers Award (Spirit Awards)

"Myth" Wins Prix du Jury at Deauville
"Myth" won the Prix du Jury (tied with "Winter's Bone") at the 2010 Deauville American Film Festival in France.

American Indie Newcomer Prize
David and "Myth" won a prize at the 2010 Munich Film Festival:

Howard Feinstein Reviews Myth for Screen Daily
"Few US indie films since Michael Lehmann's Heathers (1988) have shown the originality of The Myth of the American Sleepover, David Robert Mitchell's poignant debut feature."

"Myth" Accepted Into Cannes!
For the first time in 5 years, an American film was accepted into Critics Week at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival... "Myth" was that film.

SXSW Cinematical Review
"It's the below-the-surface details, the warm-hug tone and the subtle characterizations that Myth gets right, elevating it into something that lingers, without a trace of cynicism or angst."

SXSW Review
"Myth is a film that perfectly captures growing up."

Myth Wins SXSW Special Jury Prize!
The Myth of the American Sleepover won the Special Jury Prize for Best Ensemble at SXSW 2010.

Myth Premieres at SXSW 2010
Myth's has its North American premiere in competition at SXSW 2010.